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I thought i'd do something a little interesting since i'm kinda bored and i'm stuck in my game.....err thats the only thing i hate about final fantasy based type RPG's....i am playing it for the story...i don't want a challenge and it pisses me off when i'm stuck in a spot for a few days because i can't get past a halts the story and i don't like that.

anyway onto my post...

So i thought of what are the best EP's i've come across as i was heading home from work this morning...sooo

NIN: Broken

there isn't one bad song on this entire album. It's one of Trents best work in my's just an onslaught of some decently heavy stuff and i don't think you can really go wrong with this's a must have in your collection in my opinion

AFI: All Hallow's EP

when AFI was still punk but not too punk where i can't stand them (there is a time that i just can't stand there music because well it's too punk for me...aka sounds like shit. the production is so horrible i don't see how anybody can listen too it). But this is another one...every song is great. i know Halloween is a cover but i'm not sure if the other ones are or not...something kinda has me thinking maybe they are kinda like a misfits tribute. then again i could be wrong since i really don't know anything about the misfits and i really don't care since they suck. but anyway if you want some decent punk and like minute and a half songs this is a good album even tho i hated spending like $12 for a album with 4 songs and i can listen to it like 4 times within the time i go to work.

anyway these are my 2 favorites...if anyone would like to add to the fun put yours up on a comment and let people get ideas for what to pick up

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