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So I got to see Blood Diamond tonight...scratch that i got to see part of Blood Diamond tonight. why only part you ask? Well last night we had bought some Microsoft points from xbox live and we downloaded 300 first because my dad hasn't seen it yet that went thru great no problem, But then when we went to download Blood Diamond it just wasn't working so we never got to watch it all the way thru....well my brother called customer support tonight to bitch at them about not being able to watch a movie that he paid for. In the end they gave him his credit back and we still have an hour and ten min. to watch it so we watched what we could. That movie makes you not want to buy another diamond again (yes I'm talking to all you gold digging bitches out there mainly...then again your prolly too cold hearted to begin with it doesn't matter to you). so basically the story is about the illegal smuggling of diamonds in Africa....they force people to mine and find diamonds by gun point then they smuggle them into the next country where it is then mixed with "clean" diamonds and shipped off to the stores and put into rings and what not.....but they do this basically so they can buy guns and go up against the government.....granted that is not a bad idea but when they are putting kids in guns hands and telling them to kill and on top of that aren't really doing anything particular in general besides killing EVERYBODY that they see.....i can understand if your going to kill the army and even government officials but when your killing women and men in the streets that is when you have gone down the wrong path and your mission that you had planned on from the beginning. so all in all i didn't get to watch it entirely but over-all pretty good movie and it really makes you think about what is going on in the world and how people truly are evil when it comes to making money.

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