Apple Logic Idea...APPLE DO IT!!!  

Posted by Darkmaer

wow long posts. Thats really because I've been pretty happy for the most part and don't feel the need to post things when i'm happy. I usually write because i'm angry or upset or bothered.

BBBUUUUTTTTT...I just felt i should write this down and maybe send it into Apple.

I have an idea that I think would really take off and I'm sure a lot of one wo/man band artists would really enjoy this idea. Apple has made the "remote" app, along with the keynote remote for there Apple computers. They should expand on this idea by moving into Garageband & Logic Pro/express series. It would be nice to have transport buttons from a distance. I know I am always having to run over to my midi controller or keyboard just to hit the record button then run over to my sound isolation room (aka the closet) to record vocals. wouldn't it be nice to use the wifi capabilities of the iPhone and have these right at the palm of your hand that way when your recording your not wasting time running around, making your work more efficient. On top of that have it to able to switch to different tracks and be able to arm them. Another feature that would be nice is in Logic 9 is the notes feature. you could put the lyrics on your vocal tracks and be allowed to view them right on your iPhone so you can save on paper and it's just really handy to have.

all in all I think apple should really consider doing something like this. Steinberg did something similar to this for there Cubase software. which the app was called Cubase iC which is a free download on the app store, but if apple were to make this i'd most definitely pay of an app like this.

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