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well i saw my one friend on facebook changed her webpage status one a blogger and i realized i have neglected my blog on here....then again i havn't been blogging much at all lately..which i think is a good thing considering how open i am on tends i think to repel people from my life instead of gathering them closer to me.

so anyway life update.

I'm moving forward ALOT as of recent. i got a job at the starbucks distribution center (which i need to call them prolly tomorrow so find out whats going on with that...they said i should start on the 14th but they said they would call me back to confirm it as definate and so far i'm getting a little worried. but it's a done deal no matter i already took my drug test and all that good stuff.

Then i got a car about 2 weeks ago before i got the job......freedom finally. independance. the feeling of not having a car is like not being a whole not being able to provide for your's one of the worst feelings a man can ever feel.

SO with a car and a new job...that will bring me in enough money to actually start being able to enjoy my freedom i am pretty sure the next goal is to start studying.....or just take it right away and see how well i do at it......but GED is the next step. then College...sadly i have no clue what i want to i might just major in writing (i know that is not the propper title but who cares) and then minor in theology.....that way I can write my sexy fantasy books and then if i want to i have theology under my belt i can write about that as well. cause those 2 things are what i keep going back too.

anyway thats all i got for tonight

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