To My Lady Friends  

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so what this blog be about you might say. well I'm a nice guy. being a
nice guy has baggage too much for me personally. I sit and watch alll
my lady friends choose douche bags and i sit and wait for the
relationship to end miserably and of course i'm there just like the
last couple dozen of times. people will say because your a good that is not why i do it. I do it because i care about
these women with all my heart. but most of the women in my life i would
go out with in a heart beat. but sadly for some reason because i am the
nice guy it will never happen because i respect them.......don't ask me
why either because i'll never EVER get it. but that doesn't bother me
so much as the whole crying to me.....i hate it and i want it to stop.
don't come to me with your problems about another guy. Give me a shot,
then you can come to be all you want and bitch and wine to me about how
much of a dick that guy was......because frankly i would never screw a
women over (unless they deserved it) soo please don't fucking come to
me and bitch about your relationship problems or any problems for that
matter.........i personally don't want you in my life as a
friend.......i have friends and the friends i have are good
enough.....your in my life because i let you into it because i liked
you. nothing more......i don't want to be your friend...friendship can
come later if you want but i don't want your friendship right now in my
life. (it's sad tho that one can't have both....people think that if
your a friend you can't be the other....why not).

so yeah i'm
tired of being a friend.....and i'm going to end that right now and put
a stop to it.....because well that is the very exsistance of my
fustration as of the 2 year mark.

so unless your either
my mother

to doesn't want to go out with you.......becasue it pisses me off to no
end that i'm ok to bitch too and reveil everything....and then when
your done you tell me how great of a guy i am but not good enough to be
your boyfriend

i'm also very tired of the......will find you a
girl will never EVER find me a girl....why same
reason....then you will "think" you can never go to me for your
troubles......but i learned from my last (and sadly only GF) ex i
learned to never get rid of your friends.

anyway i'm done
makeing my point........cya ladies unless you want be a true friend and
actually help me with my problem of well meeting women or you actually
want to give me a damn shot instead of being proud of going out with

oh yeah another thing real quick...stop telling me how
messed up you are....women keep giving me this excuse......OF COURSE
YOUR MESSED UP YOUR A FUCKING WOMEN......but that doesn't mean you
don't deserve to have someone who actually treats you right......and
having someone like that in your life can change your thinking quite a even tho it might take it too the next lvl and boost
your ego so much that you realize you can get better then myself and
you crush my heart by cheating on me

(i did a video of this but it was too long and i didn't feel like doing another)

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