You know this takes strength  

Posted by Darkmaer

WOW this blows monkey i've come to the conclusion while on my break and checking out phones......tho i need to do some research on the iphone to see what blemishes it has. that i just have to get the damn thing.....SOOO what i did today was i opened up my second box which had a 20gig HD in it and slapped that into my main box and what i'm prolly going to do is use that to have windows on and just use that when i want to sync my iphone......there is another thing that just pissed me off i found out..........SAFARI is now available in beta form for windows. so in a good light tho.......that means when i put windows on my HD and get my iphone it will sync my bookmarks.......because i'm wierd like that........if your going to use a product like apples......use all the products you can to avoid incapatablities. anyway i need to get to sleep because i open the store tomarrow morning so night till then

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