So I'm tired of being tired  

Posted by Darkmaer

I've been single for almost 2 years now...and I'm tired of hoping and wishing these girls that i do like are going to go out with me. I am a unique individual and most people can't grasp what i need either that or there too selfish to give a damn. So i'm tired. i sit in my house all day in hopes of friends being there or wanting to do something....well i decided to go to a site that i heard about from someone on youtube as a place to look for pagan i go over to meetup
and I've found meet-ups for just about anything i could be interested in. meditation, drum circles, Linux, singles (that is the main point of doing this anyway to meet people), Reiki, Japanese Language and Culture, Wine (i would like to get used to wine a little more or at least find a wine i like). thats just a me i'm done i'll be independent if i have to be and say fuck everyone that had a chance becasue i know with who i am you just let something great slide thru your fingers.

so forget the people that don't care about me....because in the end your only holding me back and keeping me from actually having a life that means something.

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