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i really am sorry for the delay people. i really want to start doing these videos. I even have tried to mess with the blue tooth headset again even if i did screw up my sound again but i can't seem to get it to work. i can get it where i can hear audio out of it but can't seem to get it to where it will record my voice. so blah. then prolly after i'm done getting that i'll prolly pick up a nice big massive external harddrive so i can store all my videos on it (along with mp3) that way i won't have to worry about looseing anything.

anyway here my camera i'm going to get

It's going to be roughly $100 if i get it online. i don't know how much if will cost if i get it at a store...tho it's retailed at $130 and then i still got to pay tax....blah

anyway lets see if i can't find a kewl vid to entertain people for the time being.

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