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Alrighty i'm bored so i'm going to post videos of my personal favorite people to watch on live video and explain why.

Brett Keane

why? because he makes great videos like this...he reminds me alot of myself looks at all aspects and makes his own opinion

Blue Fire Witch

why just a pagan and i like any info i can get from pagans

Madd Goddess

i like her because shes a pagan and lives pretty close to me and shes a little crazy and i like crazy

and now for my subscriptions that i like to watch because i'm a guy and want a little eye candy....but they have to be fun on screen and just the way they present themselves i feel they have a good heart


she just really seems like a nice down to earth girl and without a doubt i could see making someone a very happy person.

The Bad Omen

umm i just found her and subscribed. first and formost i love me some dark eyes and her's are amazing...reminds me of that waitress at the hop.......which i havn't seen in quite some time RAH!!! and secondly she just seems really fun and kooky...and that is a big plus for me becuase i need someone to counter my seriousness all the time.

lol but who cares there just people that are fun to watch. anwyay i do have more people that i am subscribed to but these are the ones i watch the most

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