Ableton or Reason...that is the question  

Posted by Darkmaer

debating debating...I can't really decide what i really want to do as far as software...okay i've been using reason for that song i've been working on...i love the software easy to use nothing ever to really worry about...i can make shit on the fly and record it nice and easy the software can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to the down side to this software no audio in...meaning nothing but the stuff they give you can you use (no vocals no guitar etc etc that you want to hook up to your pc or mac) that is a big draw back for me...i really want to do vocals. i mean it can be done but it's so tricky to do. because you have to basically record your vocals in another program then you'd have to slice it up in like recycle then put it in a sampler in reason and try to work out the timing.....or i can use another program that does everything and is a little less easy to use. then there is another problem is the it doesn't support thats another big draw i picked up a magazine that everyone tells you to pick up at least one copy of it (granted it's an import and cost about as much as a book $17 i paid with tax) but just the dvd that comes with it is well worth it...they give you absolutely everything you need to start playing music right away but it comes with plugins gallore and what plugins will do in this type of program is give you new instruments (synths,drum machines, samplers etc etc) as well as effects for your intruments and vocals....well reason can't use any of that.

now the next choice in my lineup would be most likely Ableton Live. It's a reletively new program and a little more learning curve then reason but it's alot more open then reason is...with alot of unque features. it allows vocals first and formost (but i need a better audio interface along with a better mic because my webcam mic is so crappy it won't allow me to record with it even if i want to test it out). then it allows me to use plugins so right now i have a huge arsonal of plugins...which is awesome for the person that might not have the money to be buying the big bad version of the software that contains alot of stuff. but then it's got alot of cool unque stuff about's called Ablton LIVE because it can also be used for live use as well....they say it's great for DJ's but i'm not sure how that exactly works. but the really cool thing that i like is. i can create a whole bunch of loops (which in general that is really all a song can break up a song any song just about except maybe experimental music into repeating loops) which they call clips i beleive in this you can have multipule bass loops then your snyth loops then drums......and you can just press on them individually in different combos and have a improved song...granted you would want to make the loops yourself because pre-made loops are just lame...because well you didn't put any work into it. and then now for the can take reason and rewire it into ableton live and it kinda (but not really) acts as a basically i can get the ease of use of reason with getting the sound that i want out of reasons intruments then go into ablton rewire it into abltons mixer press record and start playing that intrument into ableton.....hows that for sweet. they say that the ableton reason combo is the best thing since sliced bread and i'd prolly have to agree.

i'm just debating which one i really want to buy first...because i really do want to purchase them to help the industry out...i think it might be ableton just for the sheer fact that whatever i buy i'm going to want to put vocals in as soon as possable so i'll need a roughly $1000 mic setup....and through some magazines i saw how to make a portable vocal booth (well it's not really a booth...but it will cut out all the crap in the room).

but anyway thats my dilmma

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